Seashore and Horizon

Bad Conditions

When Sheri becomes unhappy with the law job she got, she quits and becomes a waitress but doesn’t tell Kpiss. Gus gets Brett to join a contest wherein they could win a car if they hold on to the car the longest.

Featured Artist from : Cornelius


Carla Thomas – The Puppet
Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops
Kenny Lynch – Puff
Meridian Brothers – Lamento Calavera
Los Dada – Los Anos Verdes
Cornelius – Seashore and Horizon
Wrangler – La Spark
John Fox – New Kind of Man
Terry Winter – I Know
Heaven 17 – Let Me Go!
Vickie and the Van Dykes – I Wanna Be a Winner
Phantasy – Move Ahead
Madonna – Attraction Remix
Gary Numan – Metal
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (Demo)
Newcleus – Computer Age
Ronnie Chapman – If You don’t Know Long Island