Si te encuentras solo durante la luna llena, ten miedo de los rincones oscuros.


I only played the 7 inch singles for all listed tracks.

1. EXUMA, The obeah man, 1970, Barclay, A folk tribal experimental gem, grab Exuma’s self-titled first record. It’s fuck yeah good.

2. JOHN COOPER CLARKE, Suspended Sentence, 1977, Rabid Records, spoken word post-punk!!!

3. PRIMAL SCREAM, Loaded, 1990, Creation Records, put your leather on and come get loaded with me.

4. AU PAIRS, It’s Obvious, 1980, 021 Records, The remake is simply called, “ovi”

5. OCCULT CHEMISTRY, Fire, 1980, Dining Out, This is a track I really love, also, the video is minimal and great.

6. NEO BOYS, Never Comes Down, 1980, Trap records, Crap this song is good.

7. SUBURBAN LAWNS, Gidget goes to hell, 1979, Suburban Industrial, SU TISSUE WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

8. THE VIBRATORS, Disco in Mosco, 1980, Rat Race Records, This one really makes me wanna dance, but I never do.

9. APB, Shoot you down, 1981, Oily Records, I love this track.. a fave since I was a little Lalo.

10. AFTER IMAGE, the long walk, 1981, Contagion Records, the fake Iggy Pop.. he’s a chameleon.

11. BUNNYDRUMS, win, 1981, self-released, great vibe on this one, fun, and dark.

12. DAMON EDGE, I’m a gentleman, 1985, Red Rose Records, in my top 10 singles ever.

13. WORLD DOMINATION ENTERPRISES, Asbestos Lead Asbestos, 1985, The love and rockets song L&R never made.

14. NO MORE, Suicide Commando, 1981, Too Late Records, I can’t get tired of this track.

15. 13TH CHIME, Cursed, 1982, Self Release, my speed of Goth.

16. CAN, Vitamin C, 1972, Galaxy Records, This version is not the original but has a great Silver Apples track on the flip side.

17. THE ANIMALS, Inside Looking Out, 1966, DECCA, Eric Burdon is a werewolf.

18. JOHNNY THUNDERS, Hurt me, 1984, New Rose Records, JT is half doll half vampire.