RUN ‘EM OFF w/ Owen Kline – “Angels Boiled, Jukebox Oiled” With a call from MIKE DIANA!


Your regular array of pop, plus our guest Mike Diana, the underground cartoonist behind the brilliantly warped BOILED ANGEL zine and the first person convicted of artistic obscenity in America. BOILED ANGELS: THE TRIAL Of MIKE DIANA doc, is now streaming on Prime.

Featured Artist from : Screaming Sneakers


1. Come See Me – The Pretty Things

2. Thunder (’75 Gold Star Demos) – Runaways

3. Early Blue – F.J. McMahon

4. What Am I Doing Here With You? – Twinkle

5. Violent Days – Screaming Sneakers

6. New Day – The Pretty Things

7. Your DJ Speaks

8. Strangers – The Sinking Ships

9. The Time Of Love Is Now – Tyrannosaurus Rex (T. Rex)

10. I’ll Go Too – Kevin Coyne

11. The Career Saver (Supermarket 7″) – The Yummy Fur

12. Your DJ Speaks/Mike Diana calls in

13. My Rules – Black Flag

14. Changes – Crispian St. Peters

15. The True One (Alt Take) – Gene Clark

16. Soul Satisfying – Bill Wyman

17.Sorcery – Charles Lloyd