Request Repair Party: DENIED! — Episode 44

The Enforced Reincarnation Hour

Broadcast and recorded live from the Reincarnation mobile studio. Bonus points for anyone who can name the movie sampled for the intro to this episode.


1 Like A Pen by Knife
2 Lucy’s In The Sky Cuz She’s So High by KRYPTEK
3 Why Is This Commercial? by Negativland
4 Courtship II (worriedaboutsatan remix) by HEALTH
5 Armenia II (live) by Einst├╝rzende Neubauten
6 The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix) by Colin Stetson
7 Prayer by Neurosis
8 Atomic Level by Ulises Labaronnie
9 Eaten By The Horses by The Sun Through a Telescope
10 Summer Breeze by Type O Negative