Pox Pop #3

Pox Pop

Yeesh, the technical demons were out in full force this week, wreaking havoc upon my show for the first 10 minutes, and now I find that my voice was only coming through the left channel! Fortunately the music survived intact, and ultimately that’s the most important thing, right? I’ll be back at full capacity next Friday however, mark my words, pox poppers xx

Featured Artist from : Stinky Jim


1. Zebra Katz – Blush
2. Roxanne Shante – Brothers Ain’t Shit
Quality Assurance (feat. Tom Rizzuto, Matt Elzweig & Christine Copley)
3. Sink Ya Teeth – Sweetness
4. Pongo – UWA
5. Strange Party – Imitators
In Detention with Mrs Milner (feat. Jen Liu)
6. Collins Kids – Whistle Bait
7. Little Richard – I’ll Never Let You Go (Boo Hoo Hoo)
8. The Blank Students – I Want To Be Happy
9. Wicked Witch – X-Rated
10. Pantene – Don’t Touch Me (I’m Dancing)
11. Stinky Jim – Night Hair