It’s “the point of impact” that hurts the best.

This mix has great EBM/ SYNTH/ Post Punk tracks and a bit too much robot app.
Still, the music is good.


1. MICHAEL GARRISON, Point of Impact, 1983, Windspell Records, Great Ambient synth track from an album same title.

2. THE LUCY SHOW, Electric Dreams, 1984, Piggy Bank Records, Sound like the CURE meets the replacements.

3. 39 LYON STREET, Kites,1981, RSO, AKA The Associates (one off track done with another band name)

4. ROBERT RENTAL, Double Heart, 1980, Mute Robert is mentioned as an early friend of Throbbing Gristle

5. MODERN ENGLISH, Gathering Dust, 1980, 4AD, Great goth post-punk band, unfortunately, only known for one pop track.

6. FUN WITH ANIMALS, The test of Love and Sex, 1980, A&M Records, Quirky little record, fun for the kids.

7. NIGHT STICKS, Oman, 2017, Waving Hands Records, New EBM, love it!

8. KRUPPS, Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Loh, 1981, WEA, Jurgen Engler put the Lohn in the Arbeit.

9. DAF, Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick, 1981, Virgin, These guys are brothers from different mothers.

10. MARK LANE, Who’s really listening, 2009, Stones Throw, re-issued from 1984, This song is so good.

11. ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, Blue Monday, 2008, ABC, wouldn’t be EBM without ABC, B side of this 7 inch is their cover of
Warm Leatherette FUCK IT’s GOOD!

12. TERMINAL, Antigen Australia, 1981, Sonido y Tecnica S.A. What can I say, Spanish EBM Industrial like it should be.

13. FORCE DE FRAPPE, Europe (Reveille-Toi), 1981, Black Sun, Lovely cover, great track, I’m still crying. YES That good!

14. THE INFIDELS, A place in history, 1981, Break Disc, Fun track has a place in my heart.

1. KAS PRODUCT, In need, 1980, Punk Records, You will have a crush on Mona or Daniel or both, who knows!

2. CABARET VOLTAIRE, I want you, 1985, Virgin, I spoil you people. This is FUCK YEAH good!

3. NITZER EBB, Murderous, 1986, Power of Voice Communications, This was my shit when I was a kid, First DJ name NITZER ED
(Funny now, probably funny then)

4. PELADA, No Hay, 2017? , Mind Records, I heard this and lost it! Again, So good I’m crying.

5. PAS DE DEUX, Cardiocleptomanie, 1983, Vinyl Magazine Flexi. I did play the Flexi. Crushing on Dett!