Page by Paige: What Is Country Music & Why Do People Shit on it?

Page By Paige

ep 21

sam dallas trio plays live from the RV! this brooklyn based country band, comprised of sam dallas, casey davidson, and yates webb rocks our socks off. they also offer insightful commentary on the state of modern country, the distinctions between bluegrass/country/folk/blues, and answer the eternal question: why do people say they “love all music except country”??

@samdallastrio on fb/ig


Shady grove – doc Watson
Ola belle’s blues – Ola belle reed
Wash up – Bridget Kearney
Frankie – the brother brothers
Alameda – Jefferson hamer
Wildwood flower – the Carter family
God star – psychic TV
Farewell transmission – songs:ohia
Petrified – Jesse Webb
Technicolored – Jesse webb