Page by Paige: Traditions & Ritual with Caitlin & Rob~

Page By Paige

episode 7

comedians, improvisers, and playwrites caitlin sing and rob gelberg visit the studio. we talk about the royal wedding, weddings in general, the difference between a ritual and a tradition, and when traditions become dangerous. paige also explains her 5th grade fantasy wedding to gerard way.


good friday – WHY?
i’m a mindless idiot – meat puppets
the night josh tillman came to our apartment – father john misty
we don’t talk anymore – cliff richard
thirteen – big star
autumn’s child – captain beef heart
johnny – jim sullivan
all eyez on me – tupac
keep on doing what you do/ jerks on the loose – the roches
mr no one – black moth super rainbow
stereo – pavement
no other – gene clark
milk man – deer hoof
human om – tobacco
motion sickness – phoebe bridges
deep river – mountain high – ike & tina turner
well done – IDLES
kinda i want to – nine inch nails