Page by Paige: Too Down for Someone Else’s Ride

Page By Paige

episode 27

michael varamogiannis, meghan moore, and paige talk about sobriety, drugs, and alcohol. also: turns out peer pressure is not always in the form of a swirlie; when you’re in a car with a felon and his gun, you don’t need to be coy when asking a friend for help; if you’re gonna do ayahuasca, be ready to go DEEP; and vomiting corn is not the glue that holds a healthy friendship together.

a long slow little wave/citizen, an activity – loving
postcards holiday – boys age
birds dont sing – TV girl
tenderness – parquet court
soi cowboy – sun city girls
thick and thin – okey dokey, dent may
sheela-na-gig – pj harvey
bombers (in concert, john peel, recorded 3.6.710 – david bowie
how long do i have to wait for you? – sharon jones & the dap kings