SYN ES THE SIA will stick by you no matter what lousy hair decisions you make in your youth.


DEPECHE MODE, Shout, 1981, Mute, The B side of New Life their first single, one of my favorites by DM. 7

PULP, Help the Aged, 1997, Island Records, Amazing lyrics, thank you Jarvis. 7

THE VEIL, Twist,1985, Clay Records, Post-Punk Pop Goth, this track delivers. 7

STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE, who knows what love is? 1985, Korova, Crushable Goth girls, this band is so good after so long. 7

SHOX, no turning back, 1980, Axis, the only song by this band, I think it’s a sleeper. 7

SHINY TWO SHINY, waiting for us, 1983, Red Flame Records, to say this song is catchy is an understatement. 7

ALEX FERGUSON Stay with me tonight, 1980, Red Records, Fun Euro-Pop, synth track. 7

DIGITAL EMOTION, Time (Back in Time), 1985, Break Records, this band can do no wrong. Go Go Yellow Screen… 7

GIORGIO MORODER, From Here to Eternity, 1977, Oasis, The master! Say no more. 7

GABI DELGADO, History of a kiss, 1982, Virgin, the video for this song cost about $25 dollars to produce and yet it’s still fun to watch Gabi dance. 7

D.A.F., the GUN, 1987, DEAN Records, this was a banger in 87 when it came out. We played the crap out of it. 7

OVIFORMIA SCI, Mao’s Children, 2018, Bongo Joe, From the Comp, La Contra Ola, Spanish Synth 1980-88. originally recorded in 1981, members of this band are in Herocia. “no joke” 12 dbl LP comp

DRINKING ELECTRICITY, Subliminal, 1981, Survival Records, A solid synth band with several jams to keep us interested. 7

MINNY POPS, Time, 1982, Factory Benelux, A popular favorite, this song will make you tap your toes with anxiety. 7

SILICON TEENS, Sun Flight, 1980, Mute, The best track in my opinion by this Daniel Miller band. 7

CECI N’EST PAS, the stranger, 2015, Electronic Emergencies, Great new minimal synth. 7