Love letters straight from your heart 
Keep us so near while apart
I’m not alone in the night

-now it’s dark



  • PRECISION BEARINGS, Don’t Fall Down, US, 1981, Fowl Records, Part of the SF punk scene this label produced a handful of unique experimental tracks. 7


  • 9353, Famous Last Words, US, 1984, R&B records, Holy Shit! This song might be perfect. It’s punk, funny, ironic, art rocky and just ballsy… fuck yes! 12 LP (to whom it may consume)


  • THE PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS, do that dance, 1979, Australia, Self-release, Young Nick Cave and Roland S Howard probably went to see these guys live. 7


  • SOFT DRINKS, Popstars in their pyjamas, UK, 1982, Outer Himalayan Records, Jon Greville from Rudimentary Peni, his brother Lee and Cliff Silver from Sad Lovers & Giants formed this band to record a small handful of tracks. Dark Entries has a great comp for their label including tracks by The Magits and the S Haters. I played the uber rare  single (their only single)   7


  • THE STATIC, Don’t let me stop you, US, 1979, Theoretical records, Glenn Branca does it again and following TPC and SD, what the hell… pinch yourself this is art rock heaven.         7


  • VISTAS FIJAS, Dias de Margaritas, Mexico, 1985, Laudano, This is a rare little record, quite brilliant art rock, ambient experimental tracks on it. 7


  • SYSTEMS, Scenery, UK, 1980, Stress Records, Fun little synth record, I lose interest when the horns start blaring. 7


  • NAKED LUNCH, You tie me up, UK, 1984, Plezure Records, Great synth-pop track. 7


  • CHRISMA, Black Silk Stockings, Italy, 1977, Polydor, What a sexy, fun track. I need to play this out and buy it a drink and hope it comes home with me.  Seriously, consider this came out in 77, this amazing looking and talented duo had a few hits and were way ahead of the scene.   7


  • DOLL KRAUGHT, Do Fetish, Netherlands, 2018, Charlois, More sexy music, this is a turn for the better. This track has an amazing video. 12 EP


  • TOOLS YOU CAN TRUST, Working and Shopping, UK, 1983, Red Energy Dynamo, There is barking in this song. 7


  • SNOWY RED, The long run, Belgium, 1984, Soundwork, Love everything by SR, this track is evil. 7


  • RICHARD BONE, Digital days, US, 1981, Rumble Records, Considered one of NY electronic music pioneers. Amazing track! 7


  • MARK BEER, This man man man, UK, 1979, Waste Records, Subtle genius here in this fun track that kind of sneaks up on you. 7


  • ORANGE DISASTER, Out of the room, UK, 1980, Neuter records, I played the wrong side, however, this is a great track. No harm no foul. 7


  • KISSING THE PINK, The last film I ever saw, UK, 1983, Magnet Records, We were obsessed with KTP when I was in high school. They are still great. 7


  • FLIPPER, The lights, the sound, the rhythm, the noise, US, 1984, Subterranean Records, A classic and nostalgic track as it reminds me of headphone dazed nights high on paint thinner. 12 LP (Gone Fishin)


  • GIUSEPPE IELASI, Stunt A1, Italy, 2013, Holidays Records, A phenomenal ambient experimental musician, this lovely little box set makes the perfect Arbor Day gift. 7