Open fire!
On my burning heart
I’ve never been lucky in love
My defenses are down
A kiss or a frown
I can’t survive on my own


  • LAURA BRANIGAN, Self Control, 1984, Atlantic, USA, Originally recorded by RAF this is a banging track even in this Americanized pop synth vision. 7


  • PINK INDUSTRY, What. I Wouldn’t Give, 1985, Zulu Records, UK, She’s singing this song to Morrissey, listen to the lyrics. 7


  • SOFT CELL, So, 1982, Some Bizarre, UK, The B Side to “What”, this is a classic instrumental by one of the greatest synth new wave bands ever. 7


  • YELLO, Vicious Games, 1985, Elektra, UK, A favorite track to play out, particularly dark and sexy for Yello who can be more camp than disco. 7


  • FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS, Johnny Come Home, 1985, IRS, UK, I have a CAN pressing of this classic track with the most amazing pulsing synth. 7


  • ROBERT PALMER, Johnny and Mary, 1980, Island Records, UK, This was an Italian pressing, I love this track and though like Self Control it falls more on the side of pop, I think it can be an effective dance track  7


  • DEPECHE MODE, Leave in Silence, 1982, Mute, UK, I played this track so much, I actually stopped playing it and hadn’t put it on in a while, thus not noticing the scratch late in the track… I just mixed out of the skip.. sorry. 7


  • EURYTHMICS, Love is a Stranger, 1982, RCA, UK, I marvel at how amazing Eurythmics were, I could listen to A Lenox read the phonebook. This is my favorite of all their songs.  7.


  • NEW ORDER, Thieves Like Us, 1984, Factory, FAC 103, UK, This song is a favorite as it embodies all that is distinctly New Order during the Arthur Baker years, the driving bass, Barney’s romantic voice, the great soundscape synth.  7


  • BERLIN, Masquerade, 1982, Geffen, US, Most synth new wave came from the UK but this Orange County band had a string of hits.  This is a tack you don’t often hear but I think its a great one.  7


  • ANNE CLARK, Sleeper in Metropolis, 1988, Virgin, UK, So if you know me and know Synesthesia you know I love Anne Clark. However, this wasn’t the track I meant to play. It’s great but not the best example of dance synth new wave. Nonetheless, it’s strong and I love her voice and her energy.  7


  • LIAISONS DANGEREUSES, Los Niños Del Parque, 1981, Mute, German, This is a classic minimal cold wave track with so much dark energy, I love how it sounds playful but is really more mysterious. 7


  • JOHN FOXX, Underpass, 1980, Metal Beat/Virgin, UK, I have loved this track since it was put on a mixed tape for me in 84, it is a personal favorite and it reminds me of G Numan but a bit more sci-fi. 7


  • THE CURE, The Primary, 1981, Fiction Records, UK, from the hits, this is my favorite Cure track, it is fun and dark and so creative. 7


  • CHARLES DE GOAL, Technicolor, 1984, New Rose Records, France, This is great French New Wave in a very UK tradition as Patrick Blaine was clearly influenced by the contemporary bands from across The Channel. 7


  • THOMAS ANDERS, Send Me an Angel, 1984, Hansa, Germany, This is technically a German cover of the song that at this point was already recorded by Australian band Real Life. Since it’s lyrics were written by German-born D Bohan and David Sterry who was only briefly in Real Life, they must have wanted a German version immediately as this was recorded only months later. 7


  • FRANK TOVEY, Luxury, 1985, Mute, UK, This is, of course, the Fad Gadget as himself.  It’s a fun pop track and I love Tovey so much I had to add it. 7


  • SIMPLE MINDS, I Travel, 1980, Arista, UK, How fucking good is this track. Makes you get up and dance and sing silly lyrics like “Europe has a language problem” . 7


  • THE HUMAN LEAGUE, The Sound of the Crowd, 1981, Virgin, UK, Along with New Order and Depeche Mode, arguably one of the most important of the synth-pop new wave bands, this track is a favorite and DARE I say a CROWD favorite.  7