Everyone gets their 15 minutes, in true “Syn es the sia” tradition, I blew it. (The first 15 minutes of this show were silent, thus the sudden start) 🙂 not so slick editing brings you right into the music.


• CAMERA OBSCURA, Strange Faces, 1984,Anna Logue records, Played 2006 re-issue.

• POLYPHONIC SIZE, Mothers Little Helper, 1982, New Rose Records, Played 7 inch, B side of Winston and Julia. This track
like other PS records was produced by The Stranglers JJ Burnel.

• VISIBLE, Essor assure, 1981, Hawai, Great track, I played the instrumental B side.

• PALAIS SHAUMBURG, Telefon, 1981, Zickzack, like a minimal synth children song.

• STEPHAN EICHER, Komm Zurück, 1982, Metronome, So romantic Stephan.

• LORI & THE CHAMELEONS, The lonely spy,1980, Korova, on the Echo and the Bunnymen Label Korova.

• PHIL COLLINS, In the air tonight, 1981, Virgin, I do love Phil, his voice is black magic in the right light.

• PRESSURE, Detekoi, 1981, Turukame Records, Thank you Japan for Pressure and Takashiro Furusawa

• ALPHA BETA, Space Invaders, 1979, Magnet, This song is a slow burn through your third eye.

• THE LIMIT, take it, 1981, Survival Records, Same label as Drinking Electricity, check em

• THE FAST SET, Junction 1, 1980, Axis, A rare gem in the cold wave minimal synth post punk world.

• FAD GADGET, Lady Shave, 1981, Mute, There is a great doc on the life of Frank Tovey on you tube.

• EXHIBIT A, Distance, 1980, Irrelevant Wombat Records, quirky track from this little known English band.

• A 5, Kalte Erotic, 1981, No Fun Records, This band reminds us that German New Wave is fun.

• THEORETICAL GIRLS, U.S. Millie, 1978, Theoretical Records, We miss you Glenn!

• FRAK, Sulky, 2010 Djuring Phonogram, pulsing synthy funky stuff here.

• BEOGRAD, Mrak, 2011. Ana Logue Records, re-issue from 1982 original recording.