My Bag Vol. 1

The Hang Up

No theme, just tunes. Everything’s a groove. That’s just the bag I’m in.

Featured Artist from : Tim Heidecker


Daybreak – Harry Nilsson

Fear of Death – Tim Heidecker

That’s the Bag I’m In – Fred Neil

Rose Garden – Billy Joe Royal

Be Thankful for What You Got – Love

Burning Airlines Give You So Much More – Brian Eno

The Good Thing – Talking Heads

Izzat Love? – Todd Rundgren

Wish I Had Not Said That – J.J. Cale

The Green Leaves of Summer – Jimmy Justice

On Your Own Again – Scott Walker

Black Night – Frank Sinatra Jr.

Altogether Alone – Hirth Martinez

The Hum – Margo Guryan

Paris 1919 – John Cale

Ram On – Paul McCartney

Somebody Made for Me – Emitt Rhodes