Mind Script Vacation Permit

Bad Conditions

When Brett is laid up, Kpiss tries to find someone to fill in. And by happenstance, Brett’s cousin Galen, whom Brett can’t stand, shows up and takes over. But also it seems that he’s come to settle an old score with Brett.

Featured Artist from : Moon Duo


Asha Puthli – Slow Blow
Clone – Mind Script Vacation Permit #35 – 17
Neil Norman – Re-Entry
Angel – Driving
Moon Duo – Jukebox Baby
Ian North – Only Love is Left Alive
Frankie Vinci – Angela’s Theme
Don Gere – There’s A Star in You
Smog – Bathysphere
The Neapolitans – Comb it Out
La Nuova Impressiones – Sono Sincero
Sunny Boy – Love Affaire
Poly Styrene – Talk in Toytown
Joe Tossini – Wild Dream
Ami Marie – Spiel Mit Mir
The Osmonds – Walkin’ in the Jungle