~Mighty Heavy Load~


Earthshine with sarasmile heads back to the mostly mid-century this week and the continent of Africa and its diaspora in particular. “Mighty Heavy Load” is a healthy mix of funk and soul, along with several jams from Cameroon (Tim and Foty), Zimbabwe (New Tutenkhamen), Zambia (Ngozi Family), and Britain (Cymande). Plus, there’s soul and Motown in the mix, along with Hawaiian disco and a closer from Paul & Linda McCartney (because why not). Tune in for bops and jams galore!

Featured Artist from : The Frightnrs


The Orchard Enterprises: Sara Smile (Karaoke Version)

Black Fur: Feel the Shock

New Tutenkhamen: Ane Nungo

Tim and Foty: Ndola-ngo

Ngozi Family: Hi Babe

Delores Ealy: Honeydripper

Aura: Yesterday’s Love

Fontella Bass: Our Day Will Come

Marvin Gaye: Pretty Little Baby

Chicago: P.M. Mourning

Lil’ Lavair & The Fabulous Jades: Cold Heat

Jack Ashford: Hotel Sheet

Brian Eno: No One Receiving

Cymande: Mighty Heavy Load

The Frightnrs: All My Tears

Quantrells: Can’t Let You Break My Heart

Felt: Magellan

Paul & Linda McCartney: Smile Away