May 29, 2019

Can I Borrow A Feeling?

Andy blesses the rains down in Bushwick | Art/Adoptable Dog Of The Week:


Petrol Girls – Intro (Cut & Stitch, Hassle Records)
Petrol Girls – The Sound (Cut & Stitch, Hassle Records)

Spanish Love Songs – Losers (Losers, Pure Noise Records)
Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Lauren (Track 2) (Cosmic Thrill Seekers, Counter Intuitive Records)
Elton John Cena – Try (All Rats Go To Heaven EP, Lauren Records)

Empath – Hanging Out Of Cars (Active Listening: Night On Earth, Get Better Records)
Institute – Roll Music (Readjusting The Locks, Sacred Bones Records)
Urochromes – Hair So Big (Trope House, Wharf Cat Records)

Bigger Better Sun – Lights (Comfort Foods, Seal Mountain Records)
I Love Your Lifestyle – Adrenaline Rush To Kill Your Crush (The Movie, Dog Knights Productions)
Oso Oso – dig (II) (Basking In The Glow, Triple Crown Records)

DIÄT – W.I.G.T.D.W.M? (Positive Disintegration, Blackest Ever Black)
Bruised – Body Double (Rotten Codex, Chicago Research)
Control Top – Covert Contracts (Covert Contracts, Get Better Records)

Purple Mountains – All My Happiness Is Gone (All My Happiness Is Gone, Drag City)