LUNAR ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY EP20: Everything Is Bigger In Anti-Gravity

Lunar Ecological Society

Everything is bigger in anti-gravity–which is why the Lunar Ecological Society implores you to stand up in the name of our moon lava tubes as they face land speculation for an Earth moon base. Lunar and Martian lava tubes reach higher dimensions while retaining structural fidelity, however they play an important part of our geo-lunar ecosystem. We must stand together against the anti-ecological rhetoric all too common in Earth land preservation law. Next week, the Lunar Ecological Society is joined by Amelia of Fireofy to discuss Earth sounds and moon moss.

Aired Aug. 26, 2020.

Featured Artist from : Fixture Picture - Sofia Bolt


1. LEMONS – Nick Leng

2. A Great Design – Black Marble

3. Bold – Jackie Cohen

4. Lunar Ecological Society Update

5. You Know What I Mean – Jeff Beck

6. Here I Am Existing – Winter

7. Cheers – Di Ivories

8. Jealous of the Birds – Goji Berry Sunset

9. Field Recording

10. Ondulation – Burning Peacocks

11. Girls on the TV – Laura Jean

12. This Old House Is All I Have – Against All Logic

13. Ganadaramabasa – Kim Jung Mi

14. Fixture Picture – Sofia Bolt

15. tossing and turning – Arlie

16. Echo Park – Reptaliens