Looking for the Magic

Bad Conditions

Brett is auctioned off to a female elderly widower for $500.

Featured Artist from : none


Gary Wilson – Newark Valley

Eurythmics – The Walk

Cyndi Lauper – When You Were Mine

Dwight Twilley Band – Looking for the Magic

Vickie and the Van Dykes – I Wanna Be a Winner

Sterling Magee – Oh She Was Pretty

Dusty Greyrock – Tears in my Heart

Dellie Hoskie and the Natural Selves – The Clown

Erma Franklin – Piece of my Heart

Kenny Lynch – Puff

The Exciters – Hard Way to Go

Big Maybelle – Yesterday’s Kisses

Major Lance – Crying in the Rain

Don Covay – Come Back and Take this Hurt Off Me

Emma Baloka – Can I Stay With You?

Roberto Jordan – Amord Verdadero

Zarko Dancuo – Bump

Nene Y Tessa – S.O.S.

Barnes and Barnes – Fish Heads