LOCAL BOPS EPISODE 018 (10.13.2020)

Local Bops

An extension of last week’s exercise in jazz (jazzercise, if you will), my guest on this week’s LOCAL BOPS (Anjali Rose) infuses a fair share of smooth sax and chilled tempos into her indie rock offerings, crafting a final product that’s showcases cool, keen instrumentation with lyrics centered around inter-human connectedness. Anjali sat down to discuss her forthcoming EP “Marrow,” the joys of dicking around in the woods for a weekend, and the international collaboration that informs her forthcoming tunes. A joy to have on the program, through and through.

anjali.rose (@anjali.rose)

Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)
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Featured Artist from : anjali.rose


Icicle — makeup dressup
The Bit, The Bridle — Demeter
Nonchalant — Whyzman
Don’t Call It — Nuns Honey
Alien Love — Lollise
Here It Comes — Mayteana Morales
Hypnotize — Yah Supreme
Maturity — Parth
Through — rbke
Tinge — Cam Dasher
gec 2 u — Pictoria Vark