LOCAL BOPS EPISODE 017 (10.6.2020)

Local Bops

“What would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared?” It’s a question that adorns the cover “Live at the Owl,” a 2019 record by NYC-based experimental jazz outfit Scree, and one without easy answer. Reason be damned, I invited Carmen and Ryan from the band to come on the show and discuss their literary influences and what the non-vocal “language” of instrumental improvisation  — on top of that we gave a listen to a recent collaboration between themselves and Winston C.W. for his forthcoming effort “Good Guess” (plus we found time for a previously unreleased Scree track in the episode’s final minutes). A lovely, lovely evening.

Scree (@screehawks)
Check out their collaboration with Winston C.W. (out 12.4)

Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)
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Featured Artist from : Scree


A Brand New Day — Maneka
Gold Toe (Forgot My Socks) — Dryclean
Skill Set — .Michael.
Slurpee — Stephen Becker
Weird Winter — Bloody Your Hands
Little Ghosts — Witchduck
Pete Williams — Charlie Kaplan
Misfit Paradise — Evelyn Cools
Good Guess — Winston C.W.
Orioles — Noah Chenfeld
Victory Signs — Scree