LOCAL BOPS EPISODE 016 (9.29.2020)

Local Bops

The concept of sickness has dominated most of this godforsaken-seemingly-unending year, but it means something different for Laura Jinn, whose forthcoming EP SICK considers the concept in a different, slightly brighter light. I spoke with Jinn about how the meaning of her extended play has transitioned since its preliminary creation in 2019, amidst other important topics such as the meaning of chaos, Halloween, and the specific type of teenage rebellion bore from suburban living — essentially everything you’d expect from another excellent episode of LOCAL BOPS.


Laura Jinn (@donttouchmeimdead)


Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)
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Featured Artist from : Laura Jinn


Happiness!? — Harrison Lipton
Sono Io — Valentina Blú
Can No Longer Control the Sound — In the Universe
Solar — sectiontoo
Party City — Charlotte Rose Benjamin
Cardamom Tea — Dania
Can We Not (Demo) — Cafuné
Once in a While — Corzone and Decky Ramone
I’m Driving to Target — Laura Jinn
Lolabye — Mima Good
Instant Light — Tar Of
No Need — The Dark Shed