LOCAL BOPS EPISODE 015 (9.22.2020)

Local Bops

Which subway train would you be most inclined to lick? That’s one of the burning questions I had for Jacob Levine AKA jake or luca, whose enchanting EP friends and a half, summer forever and ever serves as an excellent albeit distant requiem for platonic relationships and staying inside when it’s nice outside. Jake and shot the breeze about his newest drop, writing music about other people, and which Mountain Goats record is best — the sort of lovely, chummy discourse you’d expect on Local Bops.

jake or luca (@jake_or_luca)

Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)
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Featured Artist from : jake or luca


Mornin’ Noon & Nite — DADDY LONG LEGS
(Humans) being Human [Beings] — No One and the Somebodies
Crater — Danny Christmas
In My Belly — Peaer
Forever and a Day — Treatment
Good Time — JW Francis
The Fugitive — Matt Siffert
Comfort — The Mops
Fuck Dallas BBQ — The New Restaurants
David Bowie’s Clothes — Rue Snider
to be tender — thanks for coming