LOCAL BOPS EPISODE 009 (8.4.2020)

Local Bops

In the words of Limp Bizkit, “everything is fucked; everybody sucks.” Unhinged episode plagued by more technical difficulties than I can handle but good chatter and a extra thick playlist. With HoJun (aka DJ Italian Affirmative Action)  back on the show all the way from Pennsylvania you know the subject matter will eventually drift to the Mediterranean (also during this show he found out de Blasio is Italian, who would’ve thought). Keep following up for more news on our apartment hunt.

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DJ AlternativeFAQs (@juicecleanse420)
DJ Italian Affirmative Action
Chef BoyarYEET

Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)
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Featured Artist from : Threesome


Opulent Fields — JOBS
Post Grad — Modern Diet
Room to Dance — Ex Extract
What’s Next? — Career Boy
Blue Tank Tops — My Son The Doctor
Different Frames — Impossible Colors
Daisy’s — KAHUNA
Blistered — Joyer
Country Death Song — Threesome
Dream, American — Satellite Mode
Americana — Slight Of
Please Dump Him — Kid Sistr
The Poets — Been Stellar
To Be Alone — Yours Are The Only Ears