Let’s Twist Again

Bad Conditions

Brett throws a party of his own, not knowing that he was invited to his friend Wigdoc’s party.


Usha Uthup – Doston Se Pyra Kiya

Uranium – Eleanor Rigby

Barry and the Tamerlanes – Don’t Go

Marcie Blane – Bobby’s Girl

The Detergents – Leader of the Laundromat

Sheena and the Rockkets – You May Dream

Roxy Rock – Amor Primero

Rafael Solano – Mas Feo Que Yo

Rodolfo – La Huela De Tu Amor

Shay Torrent – Amapola

Bobby Patterson – I Gotta Get Over

Bang Bang – Nur Wir Zwei

Baltimore – Tarzan Boy (Summer Version)

Dino – In the City

Yello – I.T. Splash

Heaven 17 – I’m Your Money

Nightlife Unlimited – Just be Yourself

Yazoo – Other Side of Love

Chuck Wood – 7 Days Too Long

Nada Urbankova – Prazdny Express

S.L.Y. – I Need a Freak

Chubby Checker – The Twist (German Version)

Synergy – Delta 3/B