Let’s Talk Bootlegs

Under The Floorboards

Dan and Henry play some good music and do some talking like usual. DJ Natronic calls in to talk about Basketball, mostly about Michael Jordan’s Space Jam. Is it ok to believe in a Flat Earth? Tune in to find out. We talk about some new lo-fi baroque pop projects we want to get Dorito’s and Bounty to sponsor. Hit us up if you know anyone from those companies or if you have any tips on how to overthrow the corrupt power systems within Runescape.

We’re live from the KPISS RV in Bushwick NY every other Saturday (even days) from 12pm-3pm. Follow us on Twitter @runescapeantifa


Magazine – A Song From Under The Floorboard

Joey Dosik – Game Winner

Mariah Carey – Dream Lover

Ned Collette – Oh Man

Emperor X – Schopenhauer in Berlin

Monster Magnet – Medicine

Boat – Friends Since 1989

Palace Music – Work Hard / Play Hard

Comfy – Honest