NHA011 – Let’s Night Drive

No Humans Allowed

As the sun sets, we’re climbing into our artificially intelligent future-car to cruise around aimlessly. As the tenebrous highway slides by, we imagine an alternate soundtrack to every Drive or Grand Theft Auto, only with our favorite driving tunes superseding pop culture’s choices. Set your intelligent assistant’s destination to “anywhere,” seal yourself hermetically into the cockpit of your advanced transportation device, and have a listen.

Featured Artist from : Flatliner


Z-Factor – Fast Cars
Black Marble – Private Show
Grand Prix – Grand Prix
Lee Ritenour – Countdown (Private Panther Phreek)
Orion – I Want You So Bad
Glass Candy – I Always Say Yes
Los Encargados – Creo Que Estamos Bailando (Premini Edit)
Peter Brown – They Only Come Out at Night)
Tetsuji Hayashi – Hidari Mune no Seiza
College – Fantasy Park (Moullinex Remix)
Flatliner – The Light Behind Your Eyes
Doctor’s Cat – Feel the Drive (instrumental)
Anoraak – Nightdrive with You