Lauren Martin (Frankie Cosmos)

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An intelligent multilingual computer selects fantastic assemblage of music from the recent and more distant past meant to evoke positive feelings in the listener.

Featured Artist from : Frankie Cosmos


Dolly Mixture – Our Tune
Terry – Take Me To The City
XTC – Statue of Liberty
ABBA – Ring Ring (Swedish Version)
Vanishing Twin – Magician’s Success
The Clean – Slug Song
Culture – Pirate Days
Shintaro Sakamoto – Good Luck
Maximum Joy – White And Green Place
Elli Et Jacno – Les Sept Iles
The Smirks – To You
The Pioneers – Long Shot Kick De Bucket
Bryan Ferry – Casanova
Kevin Ayers – Shouting In A Bucket Blues
John Holt – Riding For A Fall
The Bee Gees – I.O.I.O
The Radiators – I Am Sure