La Interferencia

Bad Conditions

Brett and Lester return from their 5 month vacation to a very pregnant, very uncomfortable Sheri. Brett has brought home a special root that he says will cure her pregnancy pains but she refuses to try it. Desperate to ease Sheri’s pain, Lester decides to try the root to prove its innocence. But the root acts like a drug and things get out of control.


Juan Gabriel – Cuando Seas Mujer

Bettye Swann – Lonely Love

Otis Redding – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Carter Brothers – I Don’t Care

The Checkers – Red Ball Express

Oscar Weathers – Your Fool Still Loves You

Billy Banban – Kono Michi O Dokomademo

Maggie Minenko – 涙の河

Marvin Gaye – When I Had Your Love

Paul Humphrey and His cool Aid Chemists – Baby Rice

Carmin – No Me Mires

Aviador Dro – La Interferencia

Rettore – Finche Si E Giovani

Yello – Call It Love

Felix – You Can’t Hold Me Down

Giogio Moroder – Baby Blue

Time Zone – World Destruction

Sandy Steele – Mind Your Own Business

L’Trimm – Drop That Bottom

Elvis – Rubberneckin’

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – Jackson