It’s Your Voodoo Working

Bad Conditions

Victoria Burke, the station’s attractive new music director, wants some of Brett’s genius genes.

Featured Artist from : none


Charlie Pride – The Snakes Crawl at Night
Danny Brown – Chewin’ Gum
Lorenzo Holden – The Wig
Ray Smith – Makes Me Feel Good
Charles Sheffield – It’s Your Voodoo Working
Patsy Holcomb – I Wanta Rock
Carl Mann – Mona Lisa
Ray Harris – Lonely Wolf
Ray Campi – Crossing
Birdie Green – Tremblin’
Carla Thomas – Gee Wiz it’s Christmas
I Profeti – Caldo Amor
Giorgio – Son of my Father
Astaria – Jamasa Roro
Larry Young – Fuel For The Fire
Isabelle Antena – Achilles
Belaboris – Kolme Askelta
Depeche Mode – Something to Do
Duran Duran – Careless Memories
Comix – Touche Pas Mon Sexe
The Visitors – Rocket Me Home