Infrastructure — Episode 11

The Enforced Reincarnation Hour

The eleventh episode of The Enforced Reincarnation Hour. Broadcast and recorded live from the studio in Brooklyn, NY at midnight on Monday November 7, ending in the wee hours of Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Featuring audio from government assurances against chemical weapons, industrial-pop gloom, analog synthesizer soundscapes, cathartic riffs of doom, the cries of baby goats from the Great Thar Desert (recorded by Corwin Trails), and some crooning by Chet Baker.

Tune in every Thursday night at 11pmt to to hear new The Enforced Reincarnation Hour.


1 Masks against Microbial Organisms and Chemical Weapons by Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization
2 Chemical Halo (Bruised Regeneration) by Chemlab
3 Fitting Trials on Children by Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization
4 Industrial Disease by Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell)
5 Judges by Colin Stetson
7 Machine Gun by Portishead
8 Enemies by Twist Noir
9 Theme from Suspiria by Blizaro
11 Silver Hammer by Crone
12 Encountering a Baby Goat, Great Thar Desert by Corwin Trails
13 Auto Rock by Mogwai
14 If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray
15 Hell For A Mouth by Salome
17 The Thrill Is Gone by Chet Baker