If I Gave you A Party

Bad Conditions

When Brett comes down with a bad cold on the day of a big date, Sheri wants him to take the “Kpiss cure”, but Brett is hesitant.


Groupo Ismaelillo – Galaxia
Los Beta Quartet – Ojitos Traidores
Total Coelo – I Eat Cannibals
Shinehead – Billy Jean
Nat Stuckey – Don’t Pay the Ransom
Dr. Jim Matthews – Lay On Back
Electro Tones – Ghost Train
Ruth – Polaroid Roman Photo
Rick vänder Linden – Game
Space Art – Love Machine
Juan Pablo Torres – Son A Propulsion
Nuova Napoli – Dodge Facce
Terry Winter – I Know
Rikki Illonga – Working on the Wrong Thing
Jombo – Squeeze Me
Sexual Harassment – If I Gave You a Party
Man Parrish – Six Simple synthesizers
Tarantulas – Saiba Ser Feliz
Opalo’s – Canciones tontas De Amor
Bill Hendren – Cold Cold Heart