Home Improvement Method

Bad Conditions

At a Fast Food restaurant, Brett meets an insufferable girl, and realizes that her family needs him just as much as the KPISS family does. But soon, the KPISS family begin to see less and less of Brett, and eventually, an all-out war between families over who gets to keep him, occurs.

Featured Artist from : Material Girls


Frank Chickens – We Are Ninja
Mats Olofsson – Kristina Fran Vilhelmina
Leo Dim – Dia De Sol
Bobby Lee – I Was Born A Loser
Milton Floyd – Anyway I Can
Dellie Hoskie and Their Natural Selves – The Clown
Freddie Mercury – Living On My Own
Emily Woods – Ak-Shun
Indochine – 3 Sexe
The Inflatablemen – Home Improvement Method
Material Girls – Ya Ya
Laranjas – Dinhero Gasta
Suburban Lawns – Janitor
Kuruki – Such A Liar
Asha Bhosie & Chrous – Udi Baba
Bang Bang – Nur Wir Zwei
Contact – Computer Games
Twilly – Looking For the Magic
Leroy Van Dike – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
Gerty – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me