The Ham ‘n’ Egger

HELLO! VANITY RECORDS SPECIAL! sort of. well, just one block of music and some rambling. I play some songs I really like from legendary underground label Vanity Records, founded by Yuzuru Agi. This label and its musicians were deeply inspired by Brian Eno, which gave way to bands like YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA. Agi also coined the term ‘Techno Pop’ which went on to become a massive Japanese genre. The label has a lot of different releases ranging from prog to ambient to industrial. Highly RECOMMENDED! Thanks for checking this out!

The Ham ‘n’ Egger is on Saturdays from 10am to noon.


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Steve Hiett – Are These My Memories?
Aqueduct Ensemble – C. Backlit
Morris Pert – Marrakesh
Kid Millions, Sarah Bernstein – Slice
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Asia
Tolerance – Laughin In The Shadows
Morio Agata – Submarine
R.N.A. Organism – Weimar 22
Sympathy Nervous – A Worm
Yuzo Iwata – Gigolo
Los Barrocos – Historia De Una Confabulación Destinada A Fracasar
Bethlehem Steel – Bad Girl
んoon – Lumen
Dark Blue – Challenge of Death
Uranium Club – Definitely Infrared Radiation Sickness
The Legendary Pink Dots – Joey the Canary – 2018 Remaster
Durul Gence – Boo Song
Milk Music – Twists & Turns & Headtrips
Pet Fox – Fine Line
Common Holly – Joshua Snakes
Thin Lizzy – Southbound