The Ham ‘n’ Egger

Starting this show out with new(ish) music from Mark Mcguire. I’m new to his discography, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into post-rock or experimental/ambient guitar music. Towards the end of my show, I did a small feature on scratch DJ’s and turntablism. I’m completely new to the genre, but I had a fun time looking into it. I also play some fun indie rock from the Liquor Giants and Guided by Voices. As well as a song from the new Cable Ties album (A post-punk band from Australia)

Thanks for listening!

The Ham ‘n’ Egger is on Saturdays from 10am to noon.


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Good Relation Records

Zap World Records (A label I run)

Featured Artist from : https://cableties.bandcamp.com/track/sandcastles


Mark McGuire – As Luck Would Have It
Roedelius – Geruhsam
Laurel Halo – Nicht Ohne Risiko
Marnie Weber – The Courtesan (instrumental)
De Fabriek – Het Terrein
Felicia Atkinson – Un Ovale Vert
Martin Nonstatic – The Point of Intensity
Plone – The Model Village
Klaus Dinger & Japandorf – Udon
Kit Sebastian, Natureboy Flako – Senden Baska – Natureboy Flako Remix
The Mauskovic Dance Band – Same Heads
Marxist Brothers – Ndaive Naye Maggie
Mr. Green, DJ Kool Herc – My Guitar
Damu The Fudgemunk – Wings – Instrumental
DJ Faust – Fragments
DJ Tigerstyle – Ice Flavour Crisps
Slapp Happy – Mr. Rainbow
Liquor Giants – Dearest Darling
Guided By Voices – Keep It In Motion
Brigitte Bardot – Ça pourrait changer
Jan & Dean – Like a Summer Rain
ESG – Step Off
Love Is All – Less Than Thrilled
Cable Ties – Sandcastles
Thin Lizzy – Waiting for an Alibi