Going Through These Changes

Bad Conditions

Brett takes an art class and meets a girl and they hit it off, but when he learns she’s the model who poses naked things get weird. When Sheri rats Brett out, he decides to get back by gas-lighting her.

Featured Artist from : Roy Ayers


Pi R Square – Fantasy
Donny Hathaway – Jealous Guy
T. Bird Orchestra – You Won’t Cry
Blood Sisters – Ring My Bell
Yello – Great Mission
Unknown – Funky Music is the Thing
Herbie Hancock – Autodrive
Gaston – The Japanese Smurf
Jon Jon – All Night Breakdown
Roy Ayers Group – Cincinnati
Jombo – Squeeze Me
Stone – Time
Joe Simon – Going Through These Changes
Mu – Chair Girl
10 Speed – Tour De France
Billy Bridge – En Twistant Le Madison
Groupo Transito – Que Lo Digan Cantando