Full Treatment

Bad Conditions

When a woman claims that Brett’s dog is harassing hers and worried that he might impregnate her dog which she plans to breed. They instruct Brett to have his dog fixed which he tells him they did. But when the woman returns with puppies she claims were sired by Brett’s dog, Brett has to find homes for them.

Featured Artist from : Zdenka Kovacicek


Gabriel and the Animals – Rooster
Ral Donner – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
Terry Stafford – Suspicion
Flo Starnes – Whatsa Matter Baby
Tommy Downs – Wild Catter
Van Trevor – I Got Today to Live For
Safet Isovic – Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu
Rick Van Der Linden – Super Dream GT – 2000
The Couch – Full Treatment
APB – Shoot You Down
The Osmonds – Gotta Get Love
Don Gere – There’s a Star in You
Freddie Mas – Path
New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream
OGI – Test Pilot
Space Art – Love Machine
Zdenka Kovacicek – Elektra
Ollie Olsen – Win / Lose
Kate Bush – Hounds of Love (alternate mix)