Last night I saw a turtle;
It looked like a grenade.
I picked it up and threw it.
No explosion was made.



  • TROUBLE, Snake Eyes, US, 2017, Sacred Bones, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Dean Hurley & Riley Lynch perform this dark electric rock and roll track that was featured in the Twin Peaks Return.  7


  • DOME, Cancel your order, UK, 1980, Dome Records, Subtract Colin Newman from Wire and you have DOME. This song is so fun and so interesting. The rough start was no accident, it actually begins with that quickly whipped vinyl sound you hear in this mix. 12 LP Dome


  • BERANEK, City Lights, 1983, Norway, Snowflake Records, “Hallo I Uken” is the long-running Norwegian radio show by singer/comedian Espen Beranek Holm. 7


  • DET GYLNE TRIANGEL, Maskindans, 1982, Norway, Plateselskapet, Amazing Norwegian minimal synth track, an outright gem that should be part of anyone’s minimal synth collection. 7


  • SILVIA, Zuerst Ich, 1982, Germany, Schallmauer, this is a legit minimal classic. Up there with Grauzone, KAS Product and a few others. Recently re-issued by Dark Entries, pick it up. 12 LP Silvia


  • ASH WEDNESDAY, Love by numbers, 1980, Australia, Big Dwarf Music, I have played minimal synth from all over and only now started looking into the Ausynth. Some of it is Ausome! 7


  • NENA, Nur Getraumt, 1982, Germany, CBS, this is 99 Luft balloons Nena, not singing that song. 7


  • PLAIN CHARACTERS, Man in The Railings, 1979, UK, Final Solutions, this is an energetic and kind of peculiar song, nothing plain about this band. 7


  • DATA-BANK-A, Isolation, 1986, US, K.O. City Studio, this is the best Joy Division cover I have ever heard. It’s so garage and raw and sounds like Ian but doesn’t. I love it. 7


  • THE NE-21, Human Mode Off, Spain, 2013, Domestica, Holy crap, this is phenomenal darkwave track with a driving rhythm and great lyrics. 7


  • -Y-, Timeless Whirl, 2013, Spain, Self-release, this song is dark and mysterious and fun and sexy, what else do you need. 7


  • PUSH-BUTTON PLEASURE, Prepare the Iodine, UK, 1985, Hamster Records, I accidentally played this at the wrong speed but actually love it at this speed. 12 LP The Vast Difference


  • VINNY RILEY & MORRISSEY, I know very well how I got my note wrong, UK, 1989, Factory Records, Yes, this is The Durutti Column and Morrissey together only available as an extra 7 inch as part of the 11th release by DC album entitled Vinny Riley. 7


  • SILVER APPLES, A pox on you, US, 2008, Chicken Coop Recordings, originally released in 1969 on the SA album Contact. Simeon signed my copy after a show. I treasure it. 12 LP Comp Selections from the early sessions


  • DEEJAY BERT & EAGLE, Import, Netherlands, 1980, Fleet, What is this!!! It’s Disco, and synth-pop and experimental and fun and funny.  I love everything about this single. 7


  • ROFO, Flashlight on a Disco Night, Belgium, 1983, BMC Records, Holy Cow, this track kills on every Italo level. Thank you Rofo, whomever you are. 7


  • KARMEN, Poker, Belgium, 1982, Lark, this is a classic Minimal synth track. One of my all-time favorites. It makes me so happy to hear it. 7


  • CHRIS & COSEY, Synaesthesia, 1991, Belgium, Play it Again Sam, Of course, one of my all-time favorite bands has a track called Synaesthesia.  This is the universe aligning, giving me a kiss on the cheek and letting me know, it’s all going to be ok. 12 EP