Flexible Spectacle

Bad Conditions

Brett is duped into writing book reports for a friend.

Featured Artist from : Night Load


Night Load – Spectacle
The Nubs – Dogs
Who Made Who – Flat Beat
Peggy Little – You Better Put Your Lovin Where Your Mouth Is
Connie Kampla – Die Stiefel Sind Zum Wandern
Depeche Mode – Flexible
Low Down Dirty Dawgs – Cincinatti Nights
Fourteen Karat Soul – Doo-Wopp Disco
Poovizhi Vasalile – Pattu Engey
Warp 9 – Nunk
Lime – On the Grid
Paul McCartnery – 1985
Sonny Boy – Love Affaire
Clifton Dyson – She’s a Playgirl
Kiki Gyan – Pretty Pretty Girls
Bis – Shack Up
Mu -Chair Girl
Loose Joints – Shoot the Pump