Everybody Shake

Bad Conditions

The King of Brett’s country comes to the US and drops by Brett’s radio show. He sits next to DJ Danny White and while they are talking, the King dies and falls on Danny. Brett tells Danny as per custom, since he was the one who touched him when died, he is now the King. But Danny of doesn’t want to be King! Brett mentions that DJ Andi would be a perfect ruler and she will be at a function the King was suppose to attend. So Danny decides to make it appear that the King isn’t dead and bring him to the function! (Special Guest Stars Danny White and DJ Andi.


Escape From New York –  Fire In My Heart

Neon – Fade To Grey

Ignatius Jones – Like A Ghost

Depeche Mode – Leave In Silence (Longer)

Off – Everybody Shake

Geneva Jacuzzi – Casket

A.K.A. – Cruel Lovin’

Den Harrow – A Taste of Love

Denise Lopez – If You Feel Good (Re Feel Mix)

Ministry – I Wanted To Tell Her (Tongue Tied Remix)

The Immortals – Ultimate Warlord

Man Parrish – Six Simple Synthesizers

A Number of names – Sharevari

Pet Shop Boys – it Must Be Obvious

Depeche Mode – Shout (Rio Mix)

Cynthia and Johnny – Dream Boy / Dream Girl

Fancy – Lady of Ice

Boxcar – Freemason (Extended)

Kiss Mich – Age

Rofo – I Want You

Lauro Salazar – Love Move

Kelsey Buckner – Someone is Talking’ and Shoutin’

Gino Soccio – Remember

Billy Lotion – Poetry in Lotion

Age of Chance – Kiss (Your Move America)

E. G. Daily – Mind Over Matter

Jack Wagner – Premonition

Kuruki – Such a Liar

Miro Miro – Nights of Arabia

Kraftwerk – Dentaku

Robert Palmer – Johnny and Mary

Indochine – 3 Sexe

Rettore – Karakiri (Hara-Kiri)

Cruising’ Gang – Medley with Machinery

Frank Tovey – Luxury (12” Mix)

Peter Godwin – Emotional Disguise

Alphaville – Nelson Highrise

Depeche Mode – Dressed in Black

Q Lazarus – Goodbye Horses