Escape music
Unexpected, cold
Crashing, splashing, bouncing
I felt peculiar


  • LEYLAND KIRBY, And nothing comes between the sadness and the scream, UK, 2009, History Always Favors the Winners, The Stranger, The Caretaker, Leyland Kirby and James Kirby whatever you want to call him, he is brilliant, and his records are art. 12 EP


  • VICE VERSA, Camille, UK, 1979, Neutron Records, this track was played directly over the Kirby track at the same time. 7


  • JOHN ORSI, Patience in Exile, US, 1981, Lilith Records, this is a lovely song from a talented songwriter. 7


  • MOTHER MAY I, Smoke on the water, US, 1981, Self-Released, Great minimal Deep Purple cover. 7


  • 2 BELGIAN, Call me, Belgium, 1984, Antler Records, Nice mellow New Wave Track. 7


  • CALLING HEARTS, Return to Base, UK, 1981, Illuminated Records, I really dig this synthy track. 7


  • A BLAZE OF COLOR, Cold as ever, Netherlands, 1982, Plurex records, From the remarkable PLUREX HOURS comp with the iconic gold watch OBI like wrap, you need to see it, to believe it, and if you are lucky enough to get a copy, take care of it. 12 LP


  • NYAM NYAM, Fate Hate, Belgium, 1984, Factory Benelux, this is a jam and I have put it on several times when I played out. 12 single


  • TERMINAL 7, La Aventura, Spain, 2014, Domestica Records, this was originally recorded in the early 80’s and released in 2014 7


  • BLITZZEGA, Claudia Bianchi, Belgium, 2019, Dim Dim Records, Holy crap, this album is sick and the cover has 3D Porn on it, pick it up if you like minimal Belgium Synth and Porn. 12 LP


  • BUZZ, Kennedy, France, 1986, Danceteria, these dudes did not make a bad record! I love this track. 12 single


  • MINISTRY, you know what you are, US, 1988, Sire, My new favorite Ministry song from my new favorite Ministry album… this one is evil, The land of rape and honey. 12 LP


  • SEX BIZARRE, Cool Cab, 1985, Belgium, Walhalla Records, From Underground Wave Vol. 6, the best-kept secret for anyone wanting to know anything about obscure Belgium synth, cold wave, punk and post-punk, these guys are AMAZING! Get these, all of them. 12 Comp LP


  • RICKY EATS ACID, fucking to songs on radios, US, 2016, Terrible Records, Like Leyland Kirby a fucking genius… makes me want to cry. 12 LP


  • MARQUIS DE SADE, Wanda’s Loving Boy, France, 1981, Pathe, A tremendous Post-Punk band with so much talent. The cover on this single is literally sick! 7


  • LOWLIFE, Hollow gut, UK, 1986, Nightshift Records, One of my all-time favorite tracks. 12 Single