Erased Arrays: Episode 8: Dicemath

Erased Arrays

A tacit introduction to the Warm Arts.

Featured Artist from : MC Yallah and Eomac: "Mama waliwamanyii"


Andrew Dice Clay: “Kids”

Andrew Dice Clay: “Critics”

Chris Morris: “4ft Car”

Chris Morris: “Unflustered Parents”

Chris Morris: “Porn”

Chris Morris: “Little Girl Balls”

Aphex Twin: “Curtains”

Jerky Boys: “Santa’s Delivery”

Jerky Boys: “Balloon Rides”

Jerky Boys: “New Awnings”

Soundgarden: “Jesus Christ Pose”

Deradoorian: “Saturnine Night”

Future Islands: “Thrill”

MC Yallah and Eomac: “Mama waliwamanyii”