Episode VI features a Dominican Day Parade mix in lieu of it being canceled, an 80’s Miami freestyle mix, a testimonial from a teacher getting ready to start the school year (in Pandemic USA), and part 1 outta 2 of a special interview with AJ Santos regarding the political persecution in the Philippines + a pinay resistance playlist.

Featuring tracks by DFX, Frank Ski, AceMo , DJ Stingray 313 , Psychedelic Budz, Jack & Jill, DRAMA , Stevie B, LINEAR, Johnny O, Betrayed, Philippine Violators, GI & The Idiots + more!!

Featured Artist from : DRAMA


Pirates of The Caribbean – Rumba


Dominican Day Parade Minimix

Frankie Morell – Bamboo (Hard Tribal) [[Plural ID edit]]
Jack and Jill – Work it Girlfriend (Night Mix)
El Nene La Amenaza – La Chanty ( Lifestyle Spanish Version )
[[Prod. DjDickson 2015]]

A Message from PDX Frontlines
Cypress Hill – I Ain’t Going Down Like That

Miami Freestyle Minimix
LINEAR – Sending All My Love (best version)
Promise Circle – Easy To Touch (extended edit)
Stevie B – Spring Love (radio edit)
Johnny O – Fantasy Girl (97 Remix)

Conversation w/ a teacher in the midst of Pandemic USA

Stingray 313 – Sphere of Influence
AceMo – I Want, I Need (Your Love)
Psychedelic Budz – Faerie Stomp (Enchanted Mix)

Frank Ski – There’s Some Whores in this House
William Haden – Pittsburgh, 1968

Political Persecution in The Philippines
King Shop / Doo Dah

PINAY Songs of Resistance
Betrayed – Never Again
The Next – Ano Ba Ito
Philippine Violators – Who Needs Society?
Abrasive Relations – Massacre at Mendiola
Gi & The Idiots – The Flag