Episode 2- Electric Boogaloo

Mom and Dad are fighting in the next room

In this relaxed fit episode our fearless leader pushed his luck with the trains and came out on the losing end showing up an unprofessional 5 minutes late to his own show, but that’s hella punk rock and totally on brand for the show so deal with it!!!!!! What this episode lacks in quantity it totally makes up for in quality so give it a listen you wont regret it!!!!!!!!!

Featured Artist from : https://www.mixcloud.com/kpissfm/mom-and-dad-are-fighting/


Joyce Manor- Orange Julius

Dead Boys- What Love Is

Melvins- Hex Me

The Misfits- Some Kinda Hate

The Jazz June- Rich Kid Shakedown

Artificial Peace- Artificial Peace

Agent Orange- No Such Thing

Black Lips- Family Tree

Dead Moon- Dead Moon Night

Pavement- Feed Them To The Lions (Linden)

Spaceboy- Second Byrd

Flipper- Sex Bomb -7″