Episode 10: Something in the Water

Rent Control

my mic’s audio on this one was wonky but i tried to fix it in post. if my audio is too low, turn it up, but rich’s came out great either way so we good

luckily, richard’s sounded great and he’s the important part here

stream richard orofino’s new single ‘rather die

be on the lookout for his next single, ‘fall apart‘, in the next few weeks

and his new ep ‘spell’ coming in the next few months

watch richard make music with twista

episode cover by nicholas bruno

check out nicholas bruno’s art it’s great

Featured Artist from : Richard Orofino


Block One

  1. Rather Die (Live) – Richard Orofino
  2. Fall Apart (Live) – Richardo Orofino
  3. I Heard You Were Looking Like the Moon (Live) – Richard Orofino

Block Two

  1. Wash Your Hands – Sad Alex, Richard Orofino
  2. Overnight Celebrity – Twista
  3. Favourite Color – Tokyo Police Club
  4. Walcott – Vampire Weekend