ennui on me #4: that new new

LA type shit, new wave, no wave, minimalism, strip way down, weird, wacky, dark, campy, all of it.

Featured Artist from : Lord Knows Best - Dirty Beaches


Fly Away – Alex Chilton, Alan Vega, & Ben Vaughn

End Of The World – Anika

Lord Knows Best – Dirty Beaches

96 Tears – R. Stevie Moore

Put Your Number in My Phone – Ariel Pink

Through The Skies For You – John Maus

Alcool – X Ray Pop

(Won’t Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight – Molly Nilsson

Blue Eyes – Fall of Saigon

Sex And Trouble – Deux

Helpless (You Took My Love) – The Flirts

Love Attack – Konk

You Think You’re the Best? – The Nuns

Anything – Suburban Lawns

Lucinda – A Certain Ratio

Film Music – Family Fodder