Dynamite the Avalanche

Bad Conditions

Brett meets a feisty woman while trying to get rid of his roommate’s pet.

Featured Artist from : Donny Bennét


The Space Lady – All Shook Up
9DW – Black Coffee
Dynasty & Mimi – The Buggin’ Animal Farm
Armand Duchien – 10,9,8,7… Countdown
Eurotunes – Swimming Pool Motion
Sugar Daddy – Another Bites the Dust (Rap)
Simigwa – This Hustling World
Beck – Black Tambourine
Nefertitti – Wisdom
Liquid Liquid – Scrapper
Wide Boy Awake – Bona Venture
Nino Martin Rodriguez – Podemos Ser Felices
Cicatrizes – Agiboré
Zerox Dreamflesh – Squids Can Fly
Donny Benet – Working Out
Zongamin – Spiral
Salt N Pepa – Push It
Hot Streak – Body Work
Sheila E – Holly Rock
Harry Laurelle – No One Else