Dicentra Time Lapse – ep. VIII

Dicentra Time Lapse

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Featured Artist from : megiapa


❀ You Look Like A Flower by Richard Caiton
❀ Romance by Hiroshi Suzuki
❀ By The Sea by Wendy & Bonnie
❀ You’re Acting Kind Of Strange by The Chapells
❀ Goodbye by Simon Jones
❀ The Bird’s Romantic Ballad by Fumanzoku
❀ My Country ‘Tis of Thy People You’ve Dead by Buffy Sainte Marie
❀ Seagull No.3 by John Strang
❀ Take Me To The Water by Nina Simone
❀ Alone Too Long by Mossy Davidson
❀ I Don’t Know How To Love Him by The Quiet Touch
❀ The Parting Glass by The Minor Birds
❀ 0:00 by Megiapa
❀ Turmeric by Club Diego
❀ High Flying Birds by Ann Benson