Cowboy on the Moon

Cowboy on the Moon

going through, in and around trip hop sounds.


“Roads” by Portishead
“Mars Brothers” by Cujo
“Ilusion” by Up, Bustle & Out
“Laid Back & Eazy” by 60 Channels
“6 Underground” by Sneaker Pimps

“In the Waiting Line” by Zero 7
“5 Years” by Bjork
“Sail” by Aim & Kate Rogers
“Csillagalan” by Anima Sound System
“Two to Tango” by Vanessa Daou

“All Mine” by Portishead
“Our Man in Baghdad” by Anubian Lights
“What’s the Deal” by Supreme Beings of Leisure
“Haunted Drapstrip” by Grey Area
“Huckleberry Finn” by Computerjockeys

“Part of the Process” by Morcheeba
“Help Me Out” by Alicks
“Plastic” by Portishead
“Scents” by 21 Hertz
“Hold Me Down” by Alif Tree