Cowboy on the Moon

Cowboy on the Moon

Music that sounds bleary.

BK Musician Din-Ra (and Barrett) join Michael Tanglewood~!

Show 5/10 at Trans-Pecos~!
Album out everywhere 5/26~!


Gold Dust by Duster
Bermuda by Helvetia
Carrie Ends the Call by John K. Samson
Heavy Expectations by Younghusband and Warren Ellis

Colossal Youth by Young Marble Giants
wwsd by Trust Fund
I Feel Extra Natural by LVL UP

Textiles on Mainstreet by Slim Twig
Guarantee Jesus by Attic Abasement
Tunnelvision by Leapling
Believe it or Not by Leapling

Birthday Present by The Durutti Column
The Tower by Pure Bathing Culture
Major Leagues by Pavement

Tight by Din-Ra
Up and Down Around by the Muffs

My House by Din-Ra
Anna by Din-Ra

Sleep Alone by Froth
Bullring by Gorgeous Bully
Garden View by Hales Corner